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Just like drawing names from a hat to determine a random order for a group of people or to choose individual random names or groups of names. Just input a list of names in any of several different ways, then let the program randomly re-order the entire list automatically or pick any number of random names individually or any amount of names at a time. Cool animation actually shows the names coming out of a hat or, optionally, a colorful beach bucket. This is great for selecting winners of raffles or sweepstakes or for parents or teachers to decide a random, arbitrary order for kids to do things such as play video games or do other activities, assignments, or chores. You can also select to draw as many names at a time as you wish in case you need to choose random groups from a larger group. Name lists can be saved and loaded from within the program in case you have different classes or groups of people from which you need to select random names frequently.

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